Is Aerospace engineering the right career for you?

Expectations of an Aerospace Engineer

What are the key responsibilities of an aerospace engineer?

Generally, if you’re an aerospace engineer, you are expected to handle tasks related to the design and development as well as the testing of not only existing but new aircraft and aerospace products. Below are the common duties:
- inspecting projects that are completed and make sure that they meet the standards - to investigate any accidents that will occur regarding any aircraft and find out why did these accidents happen - plan out strategies in order to improve the performance of aircraft and components as well as their systems - proposals are to be evaluated to see if they are logical and practical financial wise - computer-aided design (CAD) software are frequently used to create and generate project plans - if projects are failing, it is required to find out why and try to find solutions to fix them - in-flight test programs are also being done to measure factors such as the distance…